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As the leading Christian Speech and Debate league, we offer unmatched educational resources. Families can work through our training at home or in small groups by joining or starting a local club. Use the search tool to find a club near you. 

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Families can train at home by using our free online resources as well as our published curriculum available for purchase in the NCFCA Shop. Click below to learn more about our Training Resources.


Through regional and national competitions supported by an elite qualification system, we provide a proven framework that challenges students to grow their communication skills. For Christian students ages 12-18 seeking a like-minded community and effective communication skills development, NCFCA competition is the most impactful activity choice.


Hundreds of high-capacity volunteers band together as we host more than 50 competitions for Affiliate families across the country. Each year, thousands of students participate in competitions, resulting in over 38,000 speeches and 14,000 debates delivered nationwide.


Speech Program
Debate Program
Our speech program is designed to challenge young people to communicate truth with integrity and grace. Each event offers unique educational opportunities that promote critical thinking, research, literary analysis, and effective delivery.

Limited Preparation Speeches

Speakers draw two topic options in each competition round and have a limited amount of time to prepare a speech on one of the topics.
Apologetics presents a well-reasoned defense and thoughtful application of basic tenets of the Christian faith.

Extemporaneous analyzes news and other sources to prepare an evidence-based speech on a current-events topic.

Impromptu presents a unique and meaningful speech on a topic drawn from abstract words, phrases, quotations, or table topics.

Interpretation Speeches

Speakers explore literature selections to creatively develop and present an original performance.
Biblical Thematic explores three or more literature selections, developing a Biblical theme through Scripture and visual aid(s). 

Duo explores a published literature selection and is presented by a team of two competitors.

Open explores a published literature selection and is presented by one competitor. 

Original Presents an original literary work or a derivative work.

Platform Speeches

Speakers present an original speech scripted word-for-word in advance.
Digital Presentation informs or persuades the audience, accompanied by digital visual aids.

Informative explains a significant topic.

Persuasive influences the audience to consider a particular point of view or course of action.
Our debate program is designed to challenge young people to communicate truth with integrity and grace. Each style offers unique educational opportunities that promote organizational skills, logical argumentation, respectful refutation, and effective delivery.

Debate Categories

Lincoln-Douglas VALUE DEBATE

One debater affirms the resolution while another opposes or negates it, demonstrating a clash of competing but morally defensible values. This style of debate simulates the famous debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas.

2024 Resolution

Rationalism should be valued above empiricism.


A team of two debaters proposes a specific plan to accomplish the goal stated in the resolution while another team of two debaters opposes the plan and/or the resolution. This form of debate simulates argumentation in a legislative body.

2024 Resolution

The United States Federal Government (USFG) should significantly reform its domestic transportation policy implemented by the Department of Transportation (DOT).


A team of two debaters presents legal arguments to appeal the decision in a fictional court case while an opposing team of two students responds with legal arguments to defend the fictional decision. This form of debate is designed to simulate oral argument before an appellate court.


The NCFCA Christian Speech & Debate community is composed of tens of thousands of people working together to accomplish our purpose of preparing ambassadors for Christ to communicate truth with integrity and grace.

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Family Affiliation

When you affiliate as a family, parents and all eligible students in your family receive the following:
per year
  • Access to compete at in-person and online tournaments during the competition season.
  • Exclusive FREE training opportunities and resources.
  • Support in finding or starting a local club.
  • Sealed transcripts for official recognition of high school speech and debate credit at an affordable cost.
  • Deep discounts to office supply stores, SAT/ACT prep courses, and HSLDA membership.
  • Scholarship opportunities and exclusive discounts from partner universities.
In order to affiliate, families must certify that they have read and agree with the NCFCA Statement of Faith and position statements.

School Association

When you affiliate as a school, eligible students in your school receive all of the benefits listed above for family affiliation
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Supporter Affiliation

When you affiliate as a supporter, you receive access to updates for the competition season and local volunteer judge opportunities. Schedule a call to learn more!