2022 Season Updates

Christian Speech & Debate League

Meet your challenge. Grow in grace. Communicate with confidence.

We challenge and equip ambassadors for Christ to communicate truth with integrity and grace.

Since 2001, NCFCA Christian Speech & Debate League has empowered students to apply and communicate their worldview with skill and clarity. Whether a student is terrified of public speaking or loves a rousing debate, our training and competition will provide a supportive opportunity for them to apply a biblical worldview to real-life issues.
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Effective communication is an essential skill in every walk of life.
Meet your challenge
Connect with a Christian community that will help you meet YOUR challenge!
Apply a biblical worldview as you hone your communication and leadership skills.
Communicate with confidence
Compete alongside others who refine, encourage, and challenge you with respect.
  • Hope for the Future
    "To me, the NCFCA is one of the most important organizations on the planet. When I attend an NCFCA event and experience the excellence of the teenage competitors as well as the superb work being done behind the scenes by parents and volunteers, my hope for the future is restored."
    Andrew Pudewa
    Founder of Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • Impactful Volunteerism
    I volunteer with several nationally-known organizations and have never encountered
    a volunteer event this organized and this impactful.
    Volunteer Community Judge
  • Best Decision Ever!
    I appreciate this organization so much! One of the best decisions we ever made
    as parents was to have our children participate in NCFCA.
    NCFCA Parent
  • NCFCA Has Built My Confidence
    "In the three years I've competed, NCFCA has built my confidence, given me the tools to be passionate, and prepared me to discuss important issues in a way that glorifies the Lord. Earlier this year I filmed a video in response to a Teen Vogue article. It ended up going viral, which is not something I was expecting. People were surprised to see someone so young able to speak so well. But the only reason I was able to write the script, and present it the way I did, was because of NCFCA."
    Autumn Lindsay
  • Most Defining Event My Family Has Been Involved With
    "Outside of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, our involvement in NCFCA has been the most defining event that my family has been involved with. It not only taught them communication skills but it helped define who they are as young adults in their leadership skills and their ability to impact our world."
    Mark Meadows
    White House Chief of Staff

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Today, NCFCA graduates are impacting their world as parents, educators, business owners, analysts, authors, pastors, lawyers, doctors, nurses, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Learn to share YOUR message through our leading speech and debate programs.


Our formal speech program is designed to challenge young people to communicate truth with integrity and grace.

Each event offers unique educational opportunities that promote critical thinking, research, literary analysis, and effective delivery.
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Our formal debate program is designed to challenge young people to communicate truth with integrity and grace.

Each style offers unique educational opportunities that promote organizational skills, logical argumentation, respectful refutation, and effective delivery.


In One Year Alone...

160+ clubs around the country meet to learn, prepare, and practice for the competition season.
5,000+ community judges volunteer their time to invest in students by evaluating presentations.
2,000+ individuals attend our online summer events, receiving communications training from subject matter experts.
Thousands of students participate in competitions, resulting in over 38,000 speeches and 14,000 debates delivered nationwide.
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