Speech Judge Quick Start

1. View the speech orientation video.

This video will help you learn about our speech events and protocols.

Length: 7:23. Click image to watch.

2. Select a ballot

 3. Find information for the event you selected.

 4. Watch, comment, and rank during the round.

  • Be ready at your room before the first scheduled speaker.
  • The Head Judge will keep the round moving.
  • Make notes for each competitor in the electronic ballot between speeches.
  • Enter the time announced for each student and mark the Timer Issue box if instructed to do so by the Head Judge.
  • Some events have a checkbox to indicate that a student used a script. 
  • Rank and re-rank the speakers as the round progresses. Click HERE for a demonstration of ranking students.
  • Students love your feedback! We have created some example comments to help you get started. Click HERE to see sample comments.

5. Finalize your ballot at the end of the round.

  • Enter star rankings for each category on the ballot for each competitor.
  • Add overall comments at the bottom of the ballot.
  • Confirm your ranking before submission, submitted rankings are final.
  • Click HERE for a list of FAQs including which fields are required on ballots.

 6.   Submit your ballot. Thank you!

  • Watch for your ballot due time to help us keep things on time. 

Thank you for judging!

If you would like a Volunteer Certification for your time, please contact our Judge Support Team.

Do you also plan to judge debate?