Debate Judge Quick Start

1. Learn about the style of debate you chose.

The resources in this section are recommended as a starting point for new judges to better understand each style of debate, but they are not required. Debaters should be able to explain all that you need to know within the debate round. Click the images to view the videos.

Lincoln-Douglas Value Debate

12:00. First 6:15 is value-debate-specific.

One debater affirms the resolution while another opposes or negates it, demonstrating a clash of competing but desirable values.

Team Policy Debate

11:13. First 5:40 is policy-debate-specific.

A team of two debaters affirms the resolution while another team of two debaters negates the affirmative position..

The second half of each video is the same, so feel free to stop watching at the indicated point in the second video if you are watching both.

 2. Select a ballot.

  • Log in 45 minutes prior to the round.
  • When ballots are released, you will be able to see ballot choices with options for competitors to judge.
  • Click HERE for a demonstration of ballot selection.
  • Contact Tournament Administration if you have questions.

3. Watch and take notes or "flow" the round.

 4. Record your decision and speaker point rankings.

 5.   Submit your ballot. Thank you!

  • Watch for your ballot due time to help us keep things on time. 

Thank you for judging! If you would like a Volunteer Certification for your time, please contact our Judge Support Team.

Will you also be judging Speeches?