NCFCA Online Summit

FREE 2-day workshop designed to inspire Christians to learn communications skills

2021 NCFCA online Summit

The world needs confident speakers who communicate truth with integrity and grace. Join NCFCA Director of Education, Amy Joy Tofte, to discover how NCFCA Christian Speech & Debate is challenging and equipping ambassadors for Christ.

Your adventure awaits!

Session 1: Find Your Why
Ghena Burson

God has given each of us an identity, a voice, and a mission. By discovering our why, we can reflect God's character and share His truth.

11am CT on Friday, June 25

Session 2: From Root to Fruit
Dell Cook and Ben LaCorte

By rooting ourselves in scripture and applying truth to life issues, we can overcome doubt, win unbelievers, and shape the culture.

12:30pm CT on Friday, June 25

Session 3: Prepare to Speak
Heather Sampson

Public speaking doesn't have to be terrifying. With the right tools and a whole lot of practice, we can write and deliver memorable speeches.

2pm CT on Friday, June 25

Session 4: That's Debateable!
Christy Shipe

In a world that shouts, we can learn how to listen, reason, and persuade. Discover the need for and value of healthy debate.

3:30pm CT on Friday, June 25

Session 5: The Competitive Edge
Melinda Speece

Competition inspires us to strive harder and reach higher. As we come together to hone our skills, we sharpen each other for God's glory.

12:30pm CT on Saturday, June 26

Session 6: The Adventure Begins
Karley Houchin and Melinda Speece

NCFCA challenges and equips students. Discover how you can meet your challenge, grown in grace, and communicate with confidence.

2pm CT on Saturday, June 26

"After attending the Summit, my rising 12th grader roped a sibling into preparing a Duo Interp. And I'm a happy bystander. Very well done!"

Online Summit Attendee

"As a first year family, it is already obvious that Speech & Debate will play a large part throughout the education of my children."

NCFCA Parent