Speech and Debate Club

ECHO Speech and Debate

Burnet, TX

ECHO is a speech and debate club located in the Texas Highland Lakes area. As image-bearers to the God Almighty, we have an immense privilege to point others to the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ through our words. Our mission is to sharpen students’ skills in rhetoric for the purpose of amplifying the effectiveness of this privilege. We echo God’s message of grace through the testimony of honing rhetoric skills, and we do this primarily through the tool of speech and debate competition. Our club’s purpose echoes the NCFCA’s mission: “to challenge and equip ambassadors for Christ to communicate truth with integrity and grace.”

We meet once a month in person, and on the other weeks, we meet online for focus groups.

Meeting  Information

We meet on Wednesday

Club Contact Information

Anne Marie Gray
Burnet, TX

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