Discover Your Place at Grace

In the heart of West Michigan, Grace Christian University stands as a beacon of faith-based education, offering a unique blend of academic and spiritual growth. At Grace, we understand and appreciate the distinct journey of homeschooled students and have crafted a community focused on transformational relationships and spiritual growth, making our university an ideal choice for those seeking an environment that aligns with their educational experiences and values.

Tailored Education in a Faith-Centered Community

As a homeschooled student, you're accustomed to a learning environment that's both personalized and value driven. Grace Christian University extends this experience into higher education. Our small class sizes ensure personalized attention as well as a collaborative learning environment.

Our dedicated faculty and staff are more than educators; they are mentors committed to nurturing your academic and spiritual growth. This supportive environment ensures a seamless transition from homeschool to university, fostering your development in a community that wants to see you succeed.

A Community That Feels Like Home

At Grace Christian University, we understand the importance of community. Our campus is a place where relationships flourish, and lifelong friendships are formed. You'll find that Grace is a place where your faith, values, and educational goals are shared and supported by both peers and faculty. Grace offers a space where students who have spent years in NCFCA can continue to grow among like-minded peers who share a commitment to faith and excellence.

Dual Enrollment: A Pathway to Early Success

One of the unique opportunities at Grace Christian University is our Dual Enrollment program. This program is particularly beneficial for homeschooled students in high school, as it allows them to earn college credits while completing their high school education. Our dual enrollment programs are available both online and on-campus. These flexible options integrate seamlessly with your homeschooling schedule. The credits earned can be applied toward your degree at Grace or transferred to other institutions.

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

  1. Academic Head Start: Begin your college education early, reducing both the time and cost of earning your degree.
  2. College Experience: Familiarize yourself with college-level coursework, easing the transition from homeschool to college.
  3. Explore Interests: Dive into subjects that pique your interest, shaping your future academic and career paths.
  4. Cost-Effective Credits: The credits earned through Dual Enrollment are a cost-effective way to begin your college journey.
  5. Bible-Centered Courses: Every class in our Dual Enrollment program upholds the Bible as its core, guiding every lesson and discussion to provide an education grounded in biblical values.

As highlighted in an article by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships, Dual Enrollment programs not only provide academic benefits but also contribute to the overall development and college readiness of students. Read more about the benefits of Dual Enrollment here.

The NCFCA Connection

For students involved in the NCFCA, Grace Christian University offers an environment where the skills developed in speech and communications are not only appreciated but also further honed. The NCFCA's focus on developing articulate, thoughtful communicators aligns perfectly with Grace's emphasis on critical thinking and effective communication within a Christian framework. Our academic programs encourage students to engage in thoughtful conversation, analyze complex issues, and articulate their ideas clearly and confidently – skills that are invaluable in both academic and professional settings.

Shared Values in Action                      

Both Grace Christian University and NCFCA encourage students to not only understand their faith but to actively live it out.This is evident in Grace's diverse range of service-learning opportunities and NCFCA's emphasis on community engagement and ethical communication. Students from both institutions are often found at the forefront of community service projects, mission trips, and other initiatives that demonstrate a living and active faith.

 Fostering Courageous Leadership 

At Grace Christian University, we equip all our students to be courageous ambassadors for Christ wherever they go, through every aspect of education and campus life. This involves nurturing a boldness in faith, an unwavering commitment to truth, and a readiness to engage the world with a Christ-centered perspective. Our core values at Grace Christian University are Bible Centeredness, Ministry Focus, and Transformational Relationships. No matter which degree path you choose, you’ll complete classes in Bible and theology. In addition, every course is guided by a Biblical focus and is taught by dedicated, Christian professors, ensuring that students' academic and spiritual journeys are deeply anchored in scriptural wisdom.The training and experiences provided by Grace Christian University prepare students for impactful careers and ministries, aligning their skills with their calling to make a real difference, whether they pursuing vocations in business, education, ministry, or the arts, students are prepared to integrate their faith into their professional lives. They are encouraged to view their careers not just as jobs, but as platforms for ministry and opportunities to be ambassadors for Christ in diverse settings. Students find meaningful relationships at Grace that transform their lives through a supportive community that encourages personal and spiritual growth among students, faculty, and staff.

Join Us At Grace 

Grace Christian University creates a dynamic and enriching environment for students. By choosing Grace, you are stepping into a university that not only understands your background but actively supports your continued growth as courageous ambassadors for Christ. Here, the values instilled through NCFCA are nurtured and expanded, preparing students for a life of impact and service rooted in Christian faith. Grace Christian University is more than just an educational institution; it's a community where you can continue to grow academically, spiritually, and personally. We invite you to explore Grace and discover how you can start your unique journey with us.