NCFCA Guides to Speech - Complete Set


The Complete Set includes the Parent's Guide, the Coach's Manual, and Competitor's Handbook. Purchase of any of the course components provides access to sample supplementary educational resources, including PowerPoint and video streaming available for your family or classroom. Instructions included. These materials provide a thorough, professional way for any parent to teach speech and prepare for speech competitions.


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This curriculum authored by NCFCA Christian Speech & Debate is designed to challenge and equip students to communicate truth with integrity and grace! Students receive instruction for writing and presenting speeches in five categories: Platform, Interpretation, Impromptu, Apologetics, and Extemporaneous. The purchaser receives links for downloadable PowerPoint presentations, as well as access to streaming demonstration videos.

The course provides a dynamic and in-depth option for in-home teaching, extracurricular groups, classes, or co-ops. Students will learn how to hone a message; incorporate storytelling and research; evaluate their resources, audience and more. NCFCA competition is recommended but not required. Students will learn to present many different types of speeches divided into three basic categories: Platform, Interpretation, and Limited Preparation speeches.


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