Upcoming Practice Opportunities

The path toward online competition is underway with practice opportunities! We have learned a lot thus far during our practice opportunities, resolved several technical bugs, and continue to be committed to providing an excellent experience for all of our participants. Below you will find information about upcoming practice opportunities. 

An important note for parents: 

For all of the practice events, please be sure you have listed yourself as a participating parent on Step 4 of the registration process in order to receive reminder emails as well as notifications during the event. Also ensure that you have a text-enabled cell phone listed on your NCFCA account, if possible. 

For those who have not yet registered for a practice event or for those who experienced significant technical difficulties, registration has been reopened for a limited number of spaces for the December 29 and December 30 practice opportunities. Registration will close on December 23 at 5:00pm CT and we will not be able to accommodate any late registrations. Please note: If your registration shows waitlisted when you sign up, you need to register for another date.

We have also added two additional practice opportunities, both on January 4, 2021! Registration will close December 31 at 5:00pm CT. Late registrations cannot be accommodated. 

The January 4th “Morning” opportunity will offer announcements at 8:30am CT, debate at 9:00am CT, and speech (Apologetics, Digital Presentation, Duo, Humorous, and Informative) at 11:30am CT. 

The January 4th “Afternoon” will offer announcements at 4:30pm CT, speech (Biblical Thematic, Extemporaneous, Impromptu, Open, and Persuasive) at 5:00pm CT, and debate at 7:30pm CT. 


  • Please do not register for more than three speech events for any of the practice opportunities. 
  • Unless you experienced significant technical difficulties, please do not sign up for a second practice opportunity. 

Are you a Digital Presentation competitor? If so, we’d love to have your help! On Monday, December 28 we will run an additional practice round just for Digital Presentation in order to test with our tech team. Announcements will begin at 6:30pm CT and the round will take place at 7:00pm CT. You must pre-register by December 28 at noon CT. Parents are welcome, but are not required to participate. 

If you have questions about your account, contact Office@NCFCA.org. If you have questions about registration, contact Registrar@NCFCA.org

By His Grace,

Chrissy Sweetman  

Director of Forensics, NCFCA

9 comments on “Upcoming Practice Opportunities”

    • Hi Nancy,

      To register for an Online Practice Opportunity, please log in to your NCFCA dashboard and select "All Events" to locate the practice opportunity you are interested in.

      Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


  1. Hi, I'd like to change my daughter's practice registration from Dec 30 to Jan 4 (due to unexpected family plans). I prefer the afternoon session on Jan 4. I'm not sure how to do this? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hi Sharon,

      You should be able to drop the 12/30 event under Step 2 of the practice event page on your dashboard by selecting the trashcan next to each event. You should also be able to register for the 1/4 event under Step 2 of that specific event page.

      Please let me know if you run into any issues.

  2. It's asking if I've watched the tournament orientation videos, but I can't find it in the resource library. Is that for the practice or just the real tournaments.

    • Hi Kimberly,

      If you are within 72 hours of the tournament, you won't be able to drop your own events. Please contact the registrar (registrar@ncfca.org) to drop and we will hep you out!


  3. I'm also struggling to locate the orientation video that we're supposed to watch. Can anyone point me towards it? It's not listed in the resource library that I can find.

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