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University of Northwestern Extends Scholarship Opportunities to NCFCA Students

19 02, 2021
by Natalia Rosa
Director of Marketing at NCFCA

Many thanks to Director of Traditional Admissions, Andy Gammons, for his contribution to this post.

What makes UNW unique?

The University of Northwestern offers a dynamically Christ-centered, biblically based liberal arts education. While the world is running away from Christ and his word, we at Northwestern are running as hard as we can toward it. Our students are equipped here through classes, chapel, relationship with faculty, staff, and peers, to impact the world for Jesus Christ. At UNW, you’ll not only find your future profession, you’ll find your mission.

What opportunities does UNW extend to NCFCA students?

At UNW, we love NCFCA students. Many of you have been on campus in the past for tournaments. We’d love to have you pursue your college education here. We offer all students that have participated in NCFCA a $2500 scholarship over four years. We also offer great online courses that a student can complete while they’re in high school at a great rate. These can count toward both high school and college credit.

UNW was a place where I made life-long friendships and grew personally and academically.  I was amazed that the professors and staff took an interest in my achievements and were always cheering me on.  UNW also prepared me professionally by providing networking opportunities and job-skills training, enabling me to land a position with an accounting firm before graduation.

Emily Parker, NCFCA Alumna and UNW Student

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