Unbound Invites NCFCA Students to Engage the Real World

Unbound is a Christian, project-based education company that specializes in teaching high school and college students how to use their education to live and work effectively in the real world. 

The Why Behind Unbound

Unbound exists because much of the current higher education system is broken and an alternative is needed.

Students attending college now often face an uphill battle against overwhelming debt, faculty and administrators who are hostile to their faith, and an outdated educational approach that keeps students in the classroom while the real world they’re preparing for lies outside the classroom walls.

The What of Unbound

Unbound is built around the idea that an education is meant to be used in the real world. Unfortunately, few students graduate high school and college understanding how to practically apply their knowledge outside of the classroom. Unbound provides young adults with the training, experience, and community needed to become influential, effective adults in the areas where God has called them to live, work, and serve.

Students enrolled in Unbound’s core higher education program, Ascend, utilize project-based education to gain real world experience in fields that interest them while they pursue college credit towards a bachelor’s degree through one of Unbound’s partner universities.  Ascend students also gain invaluable team experience, coaching, life skill training and free travel to three live student events held across the country. 

Ascend students earn 9 of their first year college credits through the Signature Leadership Course Series, taught by Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries. These elite courses teach a Biblical understanding of leadership and challenge students to lead practically in their own communities. 

For students who want to jump into Unbound’s programs before college, there’s Equip and Explore. These two programs are designed to help prepare high school students for what lies beyond graduation through Christian coaching and skill development courses.

Equip is designed for students in grades 9 through 11. Explore is a 12th grade dual enrollment program that includes 6-9 college credits and free registration to APEX, the Unbound community’s annual student gathering and conference. (Past speakers at APEX have included Eric Metaxas, Navy SEAL Mike Ritland, Joel Salatin, Shane Morris from the Colson Center, Ryan Bomberger, and Phylicia Masonheimer.)

How Do I Learn More?

Visit beunbound.us/ncfca to learn more about the programs and courses that Unbound offers.

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