Unbound Extends Scholarship Opportunities to NCFCA Students

Feb 19, 2021
by Natalia Rosa
Director of Marketing at NCFCA

Many thanks to Chief Marketing Officer, Ben Billups, for his contribution to this post.

What makes Unbound unique?

For well over a decade, Unbound has been the choice for Christian students that want to earn a bachelor's degree with their faith and finances intact. Our flagship Ascend program couples an affordable undergraduate degree with elite training to live a life of excellence.

Our project-based approach to education means you'll graduate with more professional experience than any of your peers. Our world-class Christian community of over 1,000 students around the world will cheer you on as you seek to discover God's will and achieve mastery at what you do. Our unparalleled leadership training includes in-person mentorship from Dr. Jeff Myers, the president of Summit Ministries. Unbound can help you take everything you've learned at NCFCA and apply it to ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

What opportunities does Unbound extend to NCFCA students?

All NCFCA students qualify for a $150 scholarship in the Ascend program. Learn more by visiting https://beunbound.us/ncfca

Every Ascend enrollments includes:

  • 9-30 college credits per year
  • Travel to 3 events around the country
  • Leadership training from Dr. Jeff Myers through his accredited Signature Leadership Course series
  • Enrollment in our Navigate course, which empowers students with principles to make any big life decision with confidence
  • Monthly webinars with subject matter experts, including live Q&A
  • Opportunities to join one of many student leadership teams
  • The Signature Leadership Certificate from Dr. Jeff Myers
  • An Ascend certificate for each year you're in the program
  • Access to the Unbound student community, forever

Unbound enabled me to get a bachelor’s degree by the age of 20 without debt even amidst the busy NCFCA tournament season. But that’s not even the best part. Unbound connected me with a network of individuals that have helped me grow and have been an invaluable resource for my career.

Joshua Shi, NCFCA Alumnus & Unbound Alumnus

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