Thales College: An affordable, classical college experience with career-ready majors!

What makes Thales College unique?

Thales College is a return to what higher education was meant to be, and a fresh new take on college for the 21st century. The best of the past and the present is combined to prepare students for their future. Specifically:

The heart of Thales College is classical study.

Thales College offers rigorous classical studies in the humanities and a student’s preferred professional major to provide a balanced curriculum of content knowledge. The core humanities sequence required of all Thales College students combines wisdom from the Masters, the classical emphases on truth, beauty, and morality, and contemporary skills development to prepare students for well-rounded success. As one student describes: “Thales College emphasizes a high-quality education based on truth that has stood the test of time: an education that builds virtue, morals, and character.”

Thales College classes include both lectures and professor-led class discussions, following the Socratic Method of discussion-based learning, which allows students to ask questions, challenge each other, expand their learning, and come to a greater understanding of the topic through interpersonal dialogue.

Thales College focuses on career-ready majors.

In addition to the classical academic core, the professional major sequences at Thales College provide the career-specific content knowledge needed to excel in the field of the student’s choice. Thales College offers three distinct majors: Entrepreneurial Business, Classical Education and Leadership, and Mechanical Engineering. Thales College prefers to offer a select few majors in order to deliver them at a high level, and the Thales College degree programs have been designed with decades of real-world experience in these three fields, meaning graduates will learn a wealth of knowledge that has been tested and proven in real working environments.

Thales College promotes paid internships.

Thales College firmly believes students benefit enormously from paid internships in productive companies and organizations, because they have the opportunity to contribute in a tangible way to the real world and gain an impressive resume of soft skills and real-world work experience, in ways that their classroom-only peers significantly lack. Paid internships give graduates a resume boost with future employers and enable students to pay their tuition and graduate with little to no student debt. Thales College’s schedule is intentionally designed to allow students to work at their internships daily. 

In addition, Thales College operates on a year-round calendar, allowing students to complete their degrees in roughly three years and be working, earning, and contributing to their communities well before their peers graduate at traditional colleges and universities.

Affordability is foundational to Thales College’s mission.

Thales College believes college education should be within reach for every student and is committed to affordability to allow students to focus on achieving their dreams. Thales College’s tuition is designed to ensure students can pay it with the income earned from internships or part-time employment throughout their time in college.

Students earn an entire bachelor's degree at Thales College for less than the cost of a single year at a typical private college as the tuition rate is $4,000 per 15-week term, with eight terms required to earn a degree. Thales College also offers a merit-based Founder's Scholarship that provides 50% of the student's annual tuition for as long as the student maintains a 3.5 grade point average and good standing in the College.

Thales College offers a close-knit environment with faculty mentors.

Thales College is kept intentionally small so that students have the ability to excel in a safe and welcoming environment. Students regularly meet with professors one-on-one for mentorship and a unique teaching style modeled after the University of Oxford’s “Oxford Tutorial” that pushes students to expand their learning, come to new conclusions, and more deeply understand the content being studied. Professors invest time and care into each student as a mentor in both life and work, helping prepare each Thales College graduate for personal success.

In summary, Thales College is an affordable institution that offers quality education grounded in truth.

In the words of a student: “When I was deciding which college to attend, I was searching for an affordable institution that offered quality education grounded in truth. I found what I was looking for in Thales College.”

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*Dual Enrollment courses and Summer Institute week-long workshop offered for rising high school juniors and seniors!*

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