Stepping Stones Week 13

We have six children. Some take after their dad's height, others take after their mama's gift of gab, but all of them reflect their parents in some way. The same is true of us. Each of us is created by God in the image of God in order to reflect God to the world.

We may not look like God in the physical sense, but to some degree, we all carry His attributes such as wisdom, love, and goodness. Sin may have distorted but it has not destroyed God's image in us. No matter how inadequate or unimportant we feel, we are valuable! As God continues to sanctify us, we will reflect him more and more.

This doctrine also has significant bearing on how we interact with others. In his book, Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem explains, "Every single human being, no matter how much the image of God is marred by sin, or illness, or weakness, or age, or any other disability, still has the status of being in God’s image and therefore must be treated with the dignity and respect that is due to God’s image-bearer. This has profound implications for our conduct toward others. It means that people of every race deserve equal dignity and rights. It means that elderly people … and children yet unborn deserve full protection and honor as human beings.” (Systematic Theology, p. 450, emphasis added).

This week, let's explore the imagō deī, the image of God, in us.

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