Stepping Stones Week 1

Hey, friends! We're so glad that you've decided to join us for the 2020-2021 NCFCA Season.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 reminds us, "To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."

During the Fall, we prepare our hearts and minds, cultivating biblical worldview and developing communication skills. Then during the Spring, we celebrate with competitive opportunities that sharpen our skills even more.

As you begin your adventure, our weekly "Stepping Stones" will point out topics, resources, and activities to help you become a confident communicator who speaks truth with integrity and grace.

To get the most out of this season, set aside time each week to discover new ideas and skills. Then discuss your ideas and practice your skills with others, whether that be in your home with your family or in a local club with new friends.

And just like that, another season begins. What are you waiting for? Take the first step!

In His Grace,

Amy Joy Tofte

Director of Education

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