2021 Season Updates and Onsite Tournament Protocols
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Stepping Stones Week 12

December 7, 2020
by Amy Joy Tofte
Hello, friends! When my husband Nathan and I were planning our honeymoon, we settled on a two-week backpacking trip in Glacier National Park. Being an avid researcher, I investigated the necessary gear and supplies, creating extensive checklists and outlining our itinerary. One afternoon, my soon-to-be husband commented, "You sure are working hard. In my family, […]
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Upcoming Deadlines and Important Details

December 4, 2020
by Chrissy Sweetman
Ready. Set. Go! This week’s update includes vital details to prepare you for a successful launch into the competitive season. The first online tournament begins in just five weeks! Prepare Review and update your account information if you haven’t done so already.  We strongly encourage every family to register for one of the free online […]
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2021 Onsite Tournament Protocols

December 2, 2020
by Chrissy Sweetman
2021 COVID-19 Protocols *Updated 12/28/2020 -  Regional Tournament Dates and Locations - Several regions have secured facilities for later this spring and this information is being added to the dashboard as contracts are finalized. Your Regional Director will also send information via email about these onsite locations. For areas still seeking onsite facilities, we will […]
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Exciting Times! Part Five

November 27, 2020
by Kim Cromer
NCFCA friends and family, As you’ve likely read in our “Exciting Times” blog series, we have been actively working on the NCFCA brand for the last year. So far, we’ve refreshed our mission statement to be more clear and concise, compiled a comprehensive list of core values (thank you for all your input!), and outlined […]
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Exciting Times! Part Four

November 23, 2020
by Natalia Rosa
When I began my NCFCA journey as a competitor over ten years ago, I was a quiet perfectionist who prepared notes on a 3x5 card before making a phone call. Competition was a transformative experience. Through four years of NCFCA participation, I met my challenge of perfectionism and learned to accept failure as essential to […]
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