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Competition Update

While I was reading the introduction to a book recently, the author referred to “BWAs” - “But what about…” questions that come to mind and often distract us from the content at hand. I admit that I was distracted from the book introduction, thinking about the many “BWAs” we are facing in preparation for competition in 2021!

What to Expect

By early next week, online event rules, which include updates for online competition, will be published. You will notice some modifications to existing rules. For example, debaters will not be able to exchange evidence between tables if opponents are not gathered in a physical room with tables, so the existing rule will be modified to account for the online platform. Other rules will be brand new to define the requirements and boundaries specifically related to online tournaments. 

Because none of us can draw on prior experience with NCFCA online competition, we will also provide event protocols along with the rules. Protocols help you know what to expect and what is expected of you. They provide directions and official procedures. While protocols are not rules, neither are they merely suggestions. They are both informative and instructive, enabling all of us to participate on common ground. We believe that outlining event protocols will answer many of your questions and will prepare you well for online competition!

"But what about..."

When you begin to read the rules and protocols, you may find yourself distracted by “BWAs.” You have been taught to anticipate arguments and to think through topics from all angles! Let me encourage you to jot down your thoughts and questions as you read so you don’t lose them, but to stay focused on the content at hand. Sometimes we miss information or details because our minds are racing ahead. Read the entire document, and then refer back to your notes. You might still have some unanswered questions, but you will likely have a greater understanding of the rules and protocols both individually and as a whole. 

Submit Your Questions!

We will continue to provide information and answer questions in the coming weeks. Remember, if you have suggestions for questions we could answer in upcoming competition updates, feel free to submit them

Check the Resource Library in the next few days for online rules and protocols. We are excited about the adventure ahead!

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    • Hi Rebecca! The speech rules document can be found in the Resource Library on your NCFCA dashboard under 2022 Speech Guide. You will find Apologetics specific rules on page 11. Any questions not answered by the document can be directed to the speech committee via the contact form available on the home page of

  1. Hello! I've purchased the Policy Debate Competitors hand book and the Coach's manual, yet I mistook those books for the Value Debate hand book and Coach's Manual. is there any way I can refund and purchase the Value set instead

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