Competition Update

Happy Fall!

We recognize that the uniqueness of the upcoming competition season raises a lot of questions. In this week’s competition update, we are providing a smattering of information designed to address a few FAQs! Additional details regarding these topics - and many others - will be provided in the coming weeks.

Will we have an opportunity to try out the online system before the first tournament?

  • Yes! We are finalizing dates and times during either the week of December 7 or December 14 for families to have an opportunity to enter the online tournament platform to familiarize themselves with many of the functions. 
  • More details to follow!

Will competition rounds be live or recorded? What will this mean for speech competitors, debaters, and parents?

  • All speech and debate rounds will be held live.
  • Speech competitors will be assigned speaking times within the rounds. Our software will account for multi-entered competitors to avoid conflicting times for each student. Extemp prep time will also be factored in.
  • Debate rounds will be assigned within the schedule as usual.
  • Parents will volunteer to judge multiple live rounds during each tournament. 

What equipment will be required? Will there be limitations?

  • Parents, competitors, and judges will need internet access and a device with microphone and webcam capabilities. 
  • Households will almost certainly need multiple devices. 
  • We will provide information regarding types of devices next month. 
  • Participants may choose to use integrated or external microphones and cameras.
  • Green screens, virtual backgrounds, and on-screen text will not be permitted.

How will duo interpretation speeches work online?

  • Duo competitors will have two options. 
  • When feasible, duo partners may choose to present their speech from the same location using a single device. 
  • Duo partners could also choose to present their speech from separate locations and/or using two devices. How? Our system will always put the competitor whose name comes first alphabetically, starting with last names, in the video box on the left when facing the screen and the partner on the right.
  • We are looking forward to the creativity of our duo competitors online! See the sample screenshots below.

Do you have a question you would like for us to consider answering in an upcoming competition update? Feel free to submit your questions

Rule modifications for online competition will be published in the next few weeks. If you have questions regarding speech or debate rules which have already been published, email or

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