Online Competition Tutorials

Welcome! You can easily navigate the tutorials on this page by clicking through the organized table of contents below:

Debate Judge Training

Speech Judge Training

Community Judge Check-in and Ballot Selection

Completing an Online Debate Ballot

Completing an Online Speech Ballot

Online Tournament Orientation and Announcements

Ballot Selection and Entering Rooms for Parents

Competing in Debate

Competing in Speech

Competitor Check-in

Parent Check-in

Contact Tournament Administration

Postings and Observing


6 comments on “Online Competition Tutorials”

  1. 1. Some of the instructions are not covered in enough detail. Please keep in mind that people, a judge in my case, are not familiar with the information what the instructor is telling.
    2. It would be helpful if the "Topic" were already filled in since administration will already know this or can get it and have it filled in. This has been a problem for me as an in-person judge in the past because it is sometimes difficult to determine what their topic is.
    3. Community judges should not be a chief judge.
    4. In several cases you have the same or nearly the same instructions for both parent and community judges but the information on the screen only says parents. It would help if tutorials said community judges where applicable.
    4A. Additionally, it appears that there are differences in the instructions for community judges and parent judges, however, I may be missing something.
    4B. Additionally, one set of instructions shows about ranking the competitors like in person ballots and another set of instructions shows about ranking online. It is confusing.
    5. I have seen no instructions as to what "form" the ballots will be in. Do we need to print out ballots or will we be able to type comments during the speech?
    6. I can imagine that we will need more time to complete a ballot with the online competition than we did in person. I often felt time pressured at the in person tournaments as it is.
    7. The Timekeeping tutorial was very good.
    8. All of the tutorials are good, but being new to this and being a community judge I anticipate that it will take longer to complete the ballots than for in person judging.

  2. I think the "Submit" button in the ballot work area should be renamed to "Check Ballot" since that is what you are doing. You don't submit until the next step.

  3. I agree with the former commenter, you need more detail. I have been involved with NCFCA debate off and on for 10 years but this on-line stuff is not explained as well as it should be. I watched the videos and registered to judge on-line but the stuff presented in the video was not what happened on my screen. I attempted to go through the trouble-shooting sheet with my son and husband and after all of us not being able to figure things out, it was well into the time that the round should have started. That leaves me unable to judge in my only available time slot for two days of the tournament and wary about signing up again if I can't count on the website to respond as explained in the videos.

    • Thank you for providing feedback, Wendy. I have passed your comments along to the appropriate teams so we can provide a better experience for you as a judge! — Natalia Rosa, Director of Marketing

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