Online Competition FAQs, Part 2

In this week’s competition update, we are answering more FAQs from your submissions

How will digital presentation work online?

A few highlights:

  • Speakers have two choices to display their digital presentations!
  1. They may use a monitor or device facing the camera while ensuring that both the presentation and the speaker are in view of the camera throughout the speech, OR
  2. They may use the screen sharing function within the competition room. If using the screen sharing function, the speaker and presentation will be displayed side by side in equal-sized boxes with the speaker on the left when facing the screen and the presentation on the right. 
  • The speaker may choose to use more than one monitor but must keep in mind Rule 8.1, “The presentation may only be displayed to the judges on a single screen.”
  • Watch for online competition tips, including Digital Presentation tips, in upcoming communications!

Will families with poor internet capabilities be at a disadvantage or possibly excluded? 

  • We meet our mission when students participate and that is our heart! Our goal in offering any competition, including online tournaments this season, is to ensure as much participation as possible. We are seeking to avoid a situation like the end of last season where we had no alternative other than canceling competitive opportunities for everyone. We also hope that having an online platform will make speech and debate available to families who may have found tournament travel to be a barrier for financial or other reasons. At the same time, we recognize that internet capabilities will be a factor for some. We are building a top-notch hosting platform and have built as much flexibility into the rules as possible while still running a tournament within a limited amount of time. Families are encouraged, where possible, to begin planning now for internet capabilities at home or at alternate locations to allow them to participate. Families will likely have multiple devices using video streaming simultaneously. We also look forward to hosting in-person competition this season as circumstances allow!

May debate partners communicate during the round? How will prep time work for partners?

  • It is essential to review the Online Debate Rules and Protocols document in its entirety. That being said, rules 10 and 11 and protocol 8 specifically apply to communication between partners.
  • Rule 10. Tag Teaming is not permitted. A debater should rely upon his own reasoning while speaking in the round. In Team Policy Debate, communicating with one’s partner in any way while the partner is presenting is not allowed. 
  • Rule 11. Debaters may not use electronic devices to research or to request, send, or receive information during the debate round with the exception of evidence exchange and communication between partners as permitted by the rules.
  • Protocol 8. Each team has a private chat function available in the competition room for use when neither partner is presenting in Team Policy. 
  • While partners are not limited to using the in-room chat function, they are bound to comply with every debate rule regardless of their communication methods. For example, rule 10 prohibits communication in any way while a partner is presenting, which would include cross-examination as well as during speaking times. No communication in any form may take place between partners during these times.

For answers to other FAQs, refer to the competition update from September 24. We will continue to answer questions in the weeks to come! 


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  1. Hi! I have a friend that participates in NCFCA events and I wanted to ask if there is a way I could join her online events to watch. I am not a member of the NCFCA and I don’t participate in events myself but I have created an account on the website. Thank you!

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