Laptop Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the following students who were chosen to receive one of the laptops available through our scholarship program. We are excited for these students to be able to utilize these laptops to participate in NCFCA tournaments this season. Many thanks to the donors who made this opportunity possible through their generous gifts on Giving Tuesday!

Abigail Richards
Adelle Garner
Andrew Fleming
Charlotte Gunby
David Brown
Dominic Lombardozzi
Eleanor Wessner
Eliza Leavins
Emmalynn Fenton
Ian Garratt
Jackson Palmer
John Burris
Jonathan Bost
Joshua Isaac Green
Josiah Hulin
Lindsey Canna
Maggie Kolar
Patrick McDonald
Priscilla Huff
Seth Ebel
Simeon Erdner
Sophia Gyuro
Tyler S. Dawkins

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