Exciting Times Ahead! Part One

NCFCA's Mission Statement Refreshed

The tumultuous events of 2020 have reminded us all anew of the importance of the NCFCA mission. Equipping young people with the skills to apply a biblical worldview to issues in the world around them, teaching them to research all sides of an issue and to logically process the information they take in, and finally, to synthesize that work into a thoughtful position that is persuasively and graciously articulated has never been more important.

While we evaluate and occasionally adjust WHAT we do (the events and opportunities we offer),  NCFCA’s mission and vision, our WHY, established and maintained by our Board of Directors, remains steadfast.

I call this important note to your attention because you’re getting ready to see some exciting updates–a refresh, if you will! The process began at our most recent strategic planning meeting in the fall of 2019 where the Board not only solidly affirmed our mission, our operational leadership began to clarify some important factors that would help prepare us as an organization to continue to serve Christian families into the future. 

As part of that planning process, the Board voted unanimously to condense our mission statement in order to more easily and clearly convey who we are and what we stand for. In addition, we were eager to affirm our commitment to truth, integrity, and grace in our communication both in word and in operational application.


To promote excellence in communications through competitive opportunities where Christian students develop the skills necessary to think critically and communicate effectively in order to address life issues from a biblical worldview in a manner that glorifies God.


To challenge and equip ambassadors for Christ to communicate truth with integrity and grace

As you see, the spirit of our mission remains the same while we’ve distilled and called out a few specifics. 

While we had originally planned to give you a glimpse into the future at the 2020 National Championship, we’re excited to continue sharing details in an “Exciting Times Ahead” series where you’ll hear from Board members, National and Regional Directors, and others from around the league.

Coming next week: Exciting Times Ahead: NCFCA’s Mission Statement History With Founder and Chairman of the Board, Christy Shipe

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