Equipped to Lead

The communication skills our students develop during their NCFCA participation are lifelong skills they can use no matter what they are called to. I’ve often mentioned to our students that because they are articulate, people listen. They have great potential to lead people. The way they lead them is a choice and another skill that must be developed. Jesus’ model in Mark 10 is as upside down in today’s world as it was back when James and John were fighting about who should be first. Remember what He said? The first shall be last, blessed are the meek, love your enemies, turn the other cheek, seventy times seven. Our flesh and our culture tell us often that this isn’t the way to lead, so intentional study of God’s word and practice is required.

NCFCA Leadership

NCFCA began a leadership program several years ago for selected students from across the country to serve two purposes. First, the Student Advisory Council provides an in-depth study of what servant leadership looks like with discussion about ways to practically apply these skills today at home, school, tournaments, or wherever they find themselves. Second, this group serves as an extension of NCFCA’s regional and national leadership teams, interacting with adult leaders on a regular basis to provide insight and input from the student perspective about life in the league. These students serve the league in practical ways at tournaments by welcoming and helping orient new students and their families.

The Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) consists of representatives, one male and one female, from each region. Qualified students will be at least 16 years old on or before January 1, 2020 and have participated in NCFCA for a minimum of two years (including the current season). Each SAC term runs for one year, from National Championship to National Championship. Commitment for participation includes availability for two teleconference meetings a month from August to June. There are also optional opportunities for onsite meetings at each National Open and the National Championship. Applications are available now and will be accepted through May 6. Selected students will be notified on or before May 20.

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How can you help?

Look around you and encourage students in your sphere of influence who exhibit great leadership potential to apply to serve in this way. Remember to watch carefully; it’s not always the student who is winning often or serving in a different leadership role who would be a great fit for this opportunity. The right student should have a genuine desire to contribute to NCFCA in a positive way and to learn more about Jesus’ model of leadership.

Testimonials From the 2019 Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is an incredible opportunity to serve others while having loads of fun! As a Christian leader, you are able to reach out to the new students to make them feel at home, you can get direct answers for competitors, and you can be an encouraging friend and leader to other students. You get to meet about every other week with Mrs. Cromer, the Executive Director of NCFCA, and eighteen other Christian teenagers across the United States! We easily could spend hours discussing life issues. It has been one of my favorite opportunities; you definitely will not regret it! (2019 SAC Member)

The community aspect of the SAC has been a blessing. In our meetings, we talk about Christ-like leadership and what that means practically in the NCFCA. The book and the conversations about the book not only have helped me focus on what's most important, but also have helped me learn important life-long truths about leadership and my character. (2019 SAC Member)

The NCFCA Student Advisory Council (SAC) is an environment that probes what it truly means to be a leader amongst peers, yet a steadfast servant of God. Together--vibrant discussion supplemented with a love for Christ--I have learned lessons that will stick with me for years to come. Furthermore, hearing other high school students' perspectives on personal struggles has opened my eyes to the wisdom SAC representatives are instilled with. Having had the opportunity to get to know Mrs. Cromer and students across the nation has been an absolute pleasure. Anyone who is interested in student leadership and building friendships across regions, I highly recommend applying to the Student Advisory Council. The SAC has helped redefine my focus within the league and ultimately, my life.

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