Economics Programs for Debate Students

Special thanks to NCFCA alumna and FEE Outreach Intern, Hannah Langdon, for preparing this article.

Economics is a crucial, but often under-appreciated, part of political discussions. Want to debate marijuana legalization? Look at the incentives and effects on government revenue. Interested in understanding foreign policy? It’s usually driven by international trade needs--or maybe lobbying from the weapons industry. 

But Economics involves concepts that don’t often make the front page of the news or inspire family dinner table topics (unless your family likes discussing how corn subsidies affect the price of your breakfast cereal or the incentives to plea bargain in criminal lawsuits). When we do touch on economics, we usually focus on the political issues and only gloss over the actual economic principles that drive political action. Understanding economics is crucial to success in life and debate--policy or value. 

That’s why, as a debate alumna, I’m excited about the opportunity for NCFCA to partner with the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). FEE has been active in the world of economics education for the past 75 years and is uniquely poised to propel your debate career to the next level. 

For Parents, Coaches, and Club Leaders

FEE offers custom programs--both in person and online--to student groups. We can find a speaker from our FEE Faculty Network to present at an interactive program with your debate club. (One of our most popular speakers, James Harrigan, just hosted a talk on the federal prison system!) In addition to custom programs on the NCFCA resolutions, we offer tried-and-true programs on Economics and Government, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship. Learn more about our FEE in the Classroom programs here.

FEE is also developing a curriculum to assist educators and homeschooling parents in teaching economics. Contact to be notified when the curriculum launches!

For the Motivated Debater publishes articles on innovation, the precautionary principle, and federal prison reform from political, professional, and personal perspectives to aid and inspire your research. 

Are you interested in economics, entrepreneurship, or politics? FEE is a hub of connections and resources. Check out our Student Resources Page for opportunities to study, intern, or work with our partners. 

FEE has podcasts and YouTube channels too! (Click here for a complete list). I personally enjoy the Out of the Frame videos, which analyze popular culture and movies from an economic perspective, and Common Sense Soapbox, which use short cartoons to discuss current events in politics and economics. 

Stop by FEE’s website and learn more about our work! Contact to learn more about our resources, get access to a compilation of articles on the NCFCA resolutions, and to inquire about bringing a (free!) guest speaker to your club this season. 

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