Corban University Extends Scholarship Opportunities to NCFCA Students

Apr 28, 2021
by Natalia Rosa
Director of Marketing at NCFCA

Many thanks to Corban University Director of Communication, Rebekah Benham.

What makes Corban unique?

Corban’s goal is to equip men and women who will bring CHARACTER to their communities and COMPETENCE to their careers, all to the glory of CHRIST.

At Corban, who our students become is just as important as what they choose to do. One of our greatest goals for students is that they would grow in godly character. Corban is committed to integrating God’s Word into every major, program, and course, so that students are trained to view their vocation through the lens of a biblical worldview and approach their careers with a biblical sense of ethics, integrity, and decision-making.

In addition to character, we strive to equip our students with competence. Hands-on experiences, internships, global opportunities, and a commitment to integrating technology and innovation into every program serve to prepare students for success in their chosen careers. We want our students to graduate with the skills and experiences necessary to succeed in the workplace and demonstrate competence as servant-leaders in their careers, families, and churches.

Finally, our vision for all students is that they would grow in Christ. Student programs such as Chapel, REACH (community service), mentoring by staff and faculty, and residence life each serve to create an environment for students to be sharpened and challenged in their faith. Every staff and faculty member is a professed believer in Jesus Christ, so that students are not only learning Christian principles but are encouraged to live them out in a unique Christian community. Our hope is that by the time our students graduate, Christ would be the foundation for every aspect of their lives.

What opportunities does Corban extend to NCFCA students?

  • Academic Scholarship

Corban values the hard work students have already invested into their education. Generous academic scholarships are available for both freshman and transfer students. Award amounts range from $8,000 to $16,000, based on high school and college GPAs, and can be renewed annually.

  • Corban Debate Team

Civil discussion of opposing viewpoints is the hallmark of successful pluralist and democratic societies. Corban Debate prepares young Christian thought leaders for success in political, family and vocational life by honing their capacity to express ideas and opinions grounded in ethics and supported by evidence.

Corban’s British Parliamentary (BP) teams debate against universities from around the country primarily through Pacific Northwest tournaments. BP is an easy format transition from Team Policy, Lincoln Douglas and Public Forum debate and even speech events. Our program is comprised of speech and debate alumni, including several national qualifiers.

  • Debate Scholarship

The Debate Scholarship recognizes students who’ve demonstrated a passion and affinity for healthy, productive debate about the questions and issues facing our world today. Students of any major may apply for the Debate Scholarship by submitting a speech and debate resume, including all league participations and tournament competitions. A debate video clip is optional but encouraged.

Bethany Janzen is an NCFCA alumna who graduated from Corban University in 2016 with a B.S. in Political Science and a double minor in Business Management and Biblical Studies. She now lives in Vienna, Austria, where she is the Director of European Development at ProLife Europe.

“During my college search, I remember visiting Corban and reading their mission on the wall - educating students who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ. This was what I wanted - to make a difference for Christ. To be better prepared to do this, I wanted a college where I'd grow in my faith, challenged academically and personally, and encouraged to run after Jesus whole-heartedly by my peers. And I found this at Corban. 

They say you learn best by doing and I fully agree. My experience with NCFCA was the perfect launching pad into competitive college debate, which challenged me to give an answer for what I believe in a secular setting. My internships, class projects, and extracurricular opportunities laid the groundwork for who I am today - from the cafeteria conversation with a Christian judge on how to handle an ethical dilemma I faced during my internship at the State Senate to the journey in China with the Young Global Pioneers and my study abroad in Europe. It was through these experiences that I realized the need for pro-life work internationally and gained the tools, confidence, and spiritual discernment needed to act upon this all. Two years after graduating from Corban, I moved to Austria to help start ProLife Europe, the only European-wide pro-life youth organization which now supports 35 groups in 10 countries."

"My advice? Say yes to God."

Bethany Janzen, NCFCA alumna and graduate of Corban University

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