5 Immediate Benefits of NCFCA Affiliation

Sep 26, 2020
by Natalia Rosa
Director of Marketing at NCFCA

Every year, we’re blessed to witness the NCFCA community, composed of tens of thousands of people, working together to accomplish our purpose of preparing ambassadors for Christ to communicate truth with integrity and grace.

In one year alone,

160+ clubs around the country meet to practice, learn, and prepare for the competition season.

5,000+ community judges volunteer their time to evaluate student presentations.

Hundreds of high capacity volunteers band together as we host more than 50 competitions for affiliate families across the country.

Thousands of students participate in competitions, resulting in over 38,000 speeches and 14,000 debates delivered nationwide.

2,000+ individuals attend our Online Summer Events, receiving communications training from leaders, alumni, and experts.

You can join this incredible community by affiliating today!

Here are 5 immediate benefits of NCFCA Affiliation...

Benefit #1: Competition

Family Affiliation in NCFCA offers all eligible students in your family the privilege of competing in NCFCA qualifying events during the year.

We are committed to ensuring that our families have competitive opportunities available in 2021 regardless of the shifting circumstances in our world. We are anticipating a hybrid season of onsite and online competition and thus have created an online platform to support the excellent experience you have come to expect from NCFCA tournaments.

Affiliate today and you will have the opportunity to enter the online tournament platform in early December to familiarize yourself with the system before the first tournament! All tournament registration costs are outlined on page 9 of the Preseason League Handbook 2021.

Benefit #2: Exclusive Training

As the leading Christian Speech and Debate league, we offer unmatched educational resources to our affiliates for FREE. We also offer products for purchase at discounted rates. Affiliates can:

  • Access our 2020 Online Summit recordings for FREE.
  • Receive a weekly educational guide (Stepping Stones) during the fall semester for FREE.
  • Purchase our 2020 Online Intensive recording bundle for only $100 (50% of full value)

Benefit #3: Support

Need help finding or starting a local club? We’re here to help you get started.

Want official recognition of your high school speech and debate credit for college applications? We’re pleased to deliver a sealed transcript at an affordable cost.

Have questions about the rules for competition? Our speech and debate committees will respond to all of your inquiries at SpeechCommittee@NCFCA.org and DebateCommittee@NCFCA.org.

Benefit #4: Partnerships

Scholarship and Career Opportunities

Over 20 years, we have built relationships with many universities and programs across the country. Each year, our partners offer scholarships and discounts to NCFCA students, including over 4.3 million in scholarship opportunities extended at the annual National Championship.

Here’s what one alumni had to say about the impact of NCFCA’s connections during a job interview:

"I just accepted a full time position at the White House. The person who interviewed me was familiar with NCFCA and its stellar reputation. Excited to use the skills I learned for a larger cause. Thank you!"

Reduced Dual Credit and Program Rates

Many of our partners extend exclusive discounts and reduced rates to NCFCA families. 

For example, NCFCA students and affiliated constituents receive a 20% discount in Dual Enrollment, Adult Undergraduate, and Graduate courses and programs and the University of Northwestern. Peruse a few of the discounts offered in 2020 here.

Benefit #5: Discounts

Printing and Supply Discounts

NCFCA has contracted with Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot to bring you deep discounts on all your school printing and supply needs. After affiliating, you’ll have immediate access to the discount code through the Resource Library on your Dashboard.

SAT/ACT Prep Course Discounts

As an aid to preparing our students for excellence, NCFCA offers Affiliates the highly acclaimed eKnowledge SAT/ACT Prep courses (PowerPrep Program) at a significantly reduced cost.

Preview this helpful resource here.

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) Discount

Suddenly schooling at home due to the pandemic? Make sure you use NCFCA’s $15 discount on HSLDA annual membership dues when you join the nation’s largest, most trusted homeschool advocacy organization. Affiliates can email Office@NCFCA.org to access our group code.

We hope you'll join the NCFCA community for 2021!

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