2021 Onsite Tournament Protocols

2021 COVID-19 Protocols

*Updated 12/28/2020 - 

Regional Tournament Dates and Locations - Several regions have secured facilities for later this spring and this information is being added to the dashboard as contracts are finalized. Your Regional Director will also send information via email about these onsite locations. For areas still seeking onsite facilities, we will continue to operate on a rolling 8-week basis. 

Attendee Requirements - NCFCA is committed to doing everything within our control to host a successful onsite event. With various and often conflicting requirements by governmental agencies, NCFCA will encourage attendees to educate themselves and to comply with all COVID-19-related mandates. As an organization, we will comply and enforce to the extent possible depending in part on state, local, and facility practices. All specific requirements will be communicated prior to registration closing (if they are known), as well as in the final details email prior to arrival onsite. 

Attendees must:

  • affirm compliance with the published Sick Policy
  • submit a release waiver that acknowledges the risk of contracting illness at an onsite tournament
  • Attendees at onsite tournaments should be free from symptoms of illness. Any person exhibiting symptoms including but not limited to cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever (100.4+), chills, muscle pain, sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea will be required to drop from the tournament and exit the facility. 
  • Attendees must have been fever free without the aid of medication for 48 hours. 
  • Any participant who has had recent close contact with someone diagnosed with or exhibiting signs of COVID-19, influenza, or other infectious disease, or has been instructed by a health care provider to quarantine may not attend.
  • Love your neighbor as yourself. (Mark 20:31) Beyond the specific policy and situations listed here, please be considerate and thoughtful of others when making decisions about attending an onsite tournament. 

Tournament Adjustments
Based on recent history, it seems reasonable to assume that circumstances may continue to change throughout the winter and early spring. If a change in restrictions or facility availability occurs after a date and location has been announced, the change protocol will follow the outline below. 

Pre-Tournament TimelineDecision/Action
No later than 8 weeks in advanceOnsite tournament dates and locations published where a facility is confirmed and reasonable certainty exists that the tournament can be held. Otherwise, online dates will be published.
Announcement of date/location until close of registrationNotification to all affiliates in the region if a transition to online competition is deemed prudent.
Registration processed until 9 days prior to tournament startNotification of format change to all registrants. Minimum 48-hour window to drop with a full refund begins.
< 9 daysNotification of format and date change to “online rain date.” 48-hour window to drop with a full refund begins.

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