2021 League Handbook & Moot Court Problem Announcement

League Handbook

Next week, the 2021 League Handbook will be available in the Resource Library! While the preseason version provided some basic information, the comprehensive version will contain a wealth of important details designed to prepare you for a successful competition season. You will find new or updated policies including academic integrity, dress code, safety, sickness, etc. as well as essential details regarding the registration processes and policies...and much more! 

It isn’t common practice for the vast majority of us to read a handbook cover to cover. Handbooks are not riveting novels or inspiring biographies. We typically search for a particular topic or we skim. We are encouraging you to make an exception for the League Handbook! Grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea and read through the League Handbook either in its entirety in one sitting or one section at a time. Get your family or club involved! Then use it for reference. You’ll be better informed and will become familiar with where to find answers to many questions that come up as we move closer to the competitive season. We promise that while it might not be riveting, it will be worthwhile!

Moot Court

In addition to the League Handbook, the highly anticipated 2021 Moot Court Problem will be published in the Resource Library next week! You will also find the 2021 Moot Court rules, ballot, and scoring guide. Refer to the League Handbook for details regarding the age eligibility for Moot Court. 

Dates for online Moot Court competition include:

February 8-9, 2021

March 1-2, 2021

April 5-6, 2021


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