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2021 Competition Update

Chrissy Sweetman
November 20, 2020
by Chrissy Sweetman

We’re often told that practice makes perfect. In the case of NCFCA online competition, we would propose that practice = prepared. Several no-cost opportunities will be available in December to practice with the brand new NCFCA online competition platform!

Please make EVERY effort to participate!

Dates and Events Offered

DateEvents OfferedSchedule
(Central Time)
December 16Lincoln-Douglas Value
Team Policy
Biblical Thematic
5:00pm Debate
8:00pm Speech
December 17Lincoln-Douglas Value
Team Policy
Digital Presentation
4:00pm Speech
7:00pm Debate
December 18Lincoln-Douglas Value
Team Policy
Digital Presentation
9:00am Debate
12:00pm Speech
December 29Lincoln-Douglas Value
Team Policy
Biblical Thematic
9:00am Speech
12:00pm Debate
December 30Lincoln-Douglas Value
Team Policy
Digital Presentation
5:00pm Debate
8:00pm Speech

What to Expect - Students

Each opportunity will include one round to test debate and one round to test speech. All students will be able to enter their assigned competition room(s) to test their video and audio capabilities as well as the functionality of the online platform.

Debaters will have assigned matches and should plan for abbreviated debates. All debaters will be able to test the evidence exchange features, and Team Policy debaters will be able to test the partner-to-partner chat functions.

Speech students will have assigned speaking times and may use as much or as little of their time slot as they want for practice. Speakers are not required to give complete speeches.

What to Expect - Parents

Parents also need practice in order to be prepared! During the check-in process, parents will need to sign up to judge during each round in which they have a student participating. You will walk through the electronic ballot selection process, enter a competition room to test out its features, and complete an electronic ballot. Most importantly, you will help to provide a realistic practice opportunity for our students!

Registration Details

Registration will be open through December 11 at 5:00pm CT. 

  1. Log in to your NCFCA dashboard and select the National Tournaments tab.
  2. Look for the Online Platform Practice Opportunity date that fits best with your family’s schedule.
  3. Click “View Tournament Information” for additional details. Under Step 2: Registration you will find available events.
  4. Complete the remaining registration steps, as applicable.
  5. To complete your registration, you must click on your shopping cart and submit your $0 order.


  • Please only sign up for ONE practice opportunity at this time. If we have plenty of space available toward the end of registration, we will send an invitation to sign up for more than one.
  • Please register for no more than THREE speech events. Choose those you believe are most important for you to test in the online environment.
    • Note: You may register for categories that do not directly match your planned participation. For example:
      • You can register for Apologetics OR Impromptu to experience limited prep, regardless of which you plan to compete in.
      • If you are planning to compete in Open, it is fine to register for Biblical Thematic for the practice opportunity.
      • You will get the same experience in terms of practice if you sign up for Persuasive when you intend to compete in Informative.
    • The exceptions are Digital Presentation, Duo, and Extemp. If you want to test the online platform for one of these, register specifically for that speech event.

Additional Details

  • We are in the process of publishing an online competition guide to help you to have the most successful opportunity possible. A few general details to remember:
    • Each parent and each student must have an independent device. At present, laptop and desktop computers are supported devices; phones and tablets are not. We will continue to explore additional device options and provide updates.
    • Be aware that a stable high-speed internet connection capable of maintaining video streaming on multiple devices is necessary. Follow the instructions on this page to test your internet speed and to view an evaluation of the results.
  • You may need to pardon our dust! Finishing touches will still be in process and our staff will still be in training.
  • The experience will not be problem free - that’s why we are providing opportunities to practice. You’ll be able to identify areas that need adjustment or improvement. And so will we!


Refer to page 25 of the League Handbook for the applicable contact information.

16 comments on “2021 Competition Update”

  1. I am trying to register my daughter for the online practice rounds. In the registration tab, her name does not show up when I click on the student tab.

    • Hi, Ashley. Thanks for asking! I've sent your question to the office ( but am posting here for others as well. 🙂

      For online competition:

      - At least one parent or designated adult must be available throughout the entire tournament.
      - Parents will need to designate at least seven rounds they are committed to judge as part of the check-in process. (The judge registration button on the dashboard is for community judges.)
      - It is possible that a parent will not be needed for all seven rounds, but we will need a commitment for the minimum number.
      - Within a 2-hour debate time slot, do not sign up for both Lincoln-Douglas Value and Team Policy debate or two Lincoln-Douglas Value debate rounds.
      - Avoid signing up for back-to-back rounds when possible in order to have adequate time to complete your ballots.
      Parents of competitors are expected to be on call to judge at other times, if needed.

      Please reach out at if you have any additional questions!

      - Natalia Rosa, Director of Marketing

  2. We have quite a few competitors in our club signed up for the practice events, but we can't figure out what attire is required for the online practice event. I have told them "tournament attire" unless I hear back that more casual is acceptable for this particular event.

  3. In this update it states, "Each parent and each student must have an independent device. At present, laptop and desktop computers are supported devices; phones and tablets are not. We will continue to explore additional device options and provide updates."

    If two students in the same home are competing together in Team Policy, may they share a device for their TP rounds?

    • Hi, Bree.

      This is addressed in our Online Debate Protocols which are located in the Resource Library. I am copying a portion of that below for your convenience.

      7. Partners may share a device and/or camera in Team Policy. Teams should consider the advantages and disadvantages of sharing a device versus using separate devices (e.g., the logistics of evidence exchange, internet bandwidth, etc.).



  4. Hi Jennifer,

    They should have received an email from Chrissy Sweetman with several details about the practice tournaments. I have copied the portion about tournament attire below.

    Tournament attire is not required but is welcome. Review page 18 of the League Handbook for examples of attire that are not acceptable.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

  5. Hi, I'd like some guidance as to whether parent judges should actually evaluate speech portions given in the practice rounds in the ballots? Are we simply testing the ballot system, or will the students use the ballots as authentic feedback? Thanks!

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