Moot Court Judge & Clerk Resources

1. View our orientation video.

Thank you for taking time to prepare for your judging experience. Please start with this required five-minute orientation video which covers NCFCA child safety protocols.

2. Check your technology.

  • Top tip: use Google Chrome if possible.
  • Be sure your camera and microphone are enabled.
  • Click HERE for the Tech Troubleshooting Guide.
  • At in-person tournaments we have a limited supply of loaner devices.

3. Find the resources you need.

We have a ten-minute orientation video available for new Moot Court judges.

All judges will need to use the 2023-2024 Moot Court Judge Guide, which contains the following:

The 2023-2024 Moot Court CLERK Guide contains instructions for clerks and a script for the round.

4. Select a ballot.

  • Log in 45 minutes prior to the round.
  • When ballots are released, you will be able to see ballot choices with options for competitors to judge.
  • Click HERE for a demonstration of ballot selection.
  • Contact Tournament Administration if you have questions.

5. Complete and submit your ballot.

  • When the round is over, please complete your ballot with scores and comments for each competitor along with any helpful feedback or explanations regarding how you made your win-loss decision.
  • Please watch for notifications of when ballots are due to help us keep things on time. 

Thank you for judging! If you would like a Volunteer Certification for your time, please contact our Judge Support Team.