2022 Season Updates
March 29, 2022

Moot Court Qualifier 3

This is an Online Event
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We’re on a mission to equip ambassadors for Christ to communicate with integrity and grace.

Through onsite and online tournaments, NCFCA Christian Speech & Debate challenges students to grow their communication skills.

Volunteer Judges Are Critical to Our Mission.

We invite community members from all walks of life to listen to inspiring and entertaining presentations and debates. Community judges provide valuable feedback for students who are challenged to develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills.

If you are at least 18 and not currently enrolled in high school, you are qualified! We will provide the training to ensure that you will be an effective judge.

Volunteer the Way You Want.

We host approximately 55 tournaments of various types across the country each season for eligible competitors. You can choose between online and in-person judging opportunities. Community judges sign up to judge a minimum of one speech or debate round, which is a three-hour commitment.

We will be glad to validate your community service hours upon request.

Volunteer Commitment

You may judge as little as one round or several rounds. Each round it's only a three-hour commitment, which includes a brief judge orientation as well as complimentary refreshments to express our gratitude.

NCFCA will be glad to validate your community service hours upon request.
"This was my first year judging and I was a little apprehensive since I've never done anything like this. It was a great experience and very well organized. I look forward to helping out in the coming years."
- Community Judge
"Very impressed with the quality of the participants, there is HOPE for America!! The facility was excellent, the staff very helpful, hospitality excellent. This was a very good experience. Thanks for allowing me to participate."
- Community Judge
  • “The students participating in the NCFCA competitions on our campus are a breath of fresh air; brining encouragement and hope as future leaders. Equally encouraging are the parents and staff of NCFCA; modeling a high level of engagement and professionalism to the students they serve as well as our campus community. We are blessed each time we join together to create unique opportunities for these students.”
    Bryon D. Krueger
    VP for Finance and Operations at the University of Northwestern
  • "It was inspiring to be part of this event. It gives me hope to see so many thoughtful and articulate young men and women exploring deep ideas and societal issues with a Biblical and Theistic foundation. God was glorified by this competition."
    Volunteer Community Judge
  • "Keep on keeping on! This is one of the most productive youth programs with which I've ever been associated."
    Volunteer Community Judge
  • "I volunteer with several nationally-known organizations and have never encountered a volunteer event this organized and this impactful."
    Volunteer Community Judge
  • "I love being a community judge and look forward to every competition."
    Volunteer Community Judge

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Moot Court Qualifier 3

This is an Online Event
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