Corban University

When students choose Corban University, they invest in their future as professionals and
followers of Christ. At Corban, students will find an educational experience where they
can BELONG to a Christ-centered community, BECOME equipped for excellence in their
careers, and BEGIN to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.

Corban is the only comprehensive Christian university in the Pacific Northwest that
requires a testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ from all degree-seeking students
and employees.

Why does this matter? It means our students BELONG to a community that shares values,
purpose, and faith in Jesus. Here, students support and encourage each other in their faith
and learn from committed Christian faculty who are recognized experts, experienced
educators, and caring mentors. At Corban, individuals with distinct and varied
backgrounds, gifts, and career goals thrive together in a shared commitment to Jesus

These college years shape students into the people they will BECOME. On campus, in
classes, in chapel, and in community, Corban students are equipped and empowered to
pursue what matters to them, to gain critical, real-world experience, and to learn to use
their skills and abilities to the glory of God. Corban is committed to integrating God’s Word
into every major, program, and course, so that students view their vocation through the
lens of a biblical worldview and approach their careers with a biblical sense of ethics and

This Christian foundation equips students to BEGIN chasing academic and professional
goals in meaningful, God-honoring ways. Hands-on experiences, internships, global
opportunities, and a commitment to integrating technology and innovation into every
program prepares our students for success in their chosen careers. We are committed to
the goal that every Corban student graduates with the skills and experiences necessary to
excel in the workplace and demonstrate competence as servant-leaders in their careers,
communities, and ministries.


Discipleship Toward Christian Maturity

From chapel to dorm Bible studies to class conversations, discipleship is woven into
every aspect of the student experience at Corban, challenging students to grow into
a deeper, more mature faith in Christ.

Academic Excellence

Corban faculty are experts with extensive real-world experience in their fields and a
heart for Corban's mission “to educate Christians who will make a difference in the
world for Jesus Christ.” They invest significant time meeting with students about
academics, life, and faith, connecting them with research, internship, and job
opportunities, and ensuring that they are well-prepared for their careers. It’s no
surprise that Corban graduates are regularly accepted to top graduate and medical
schools and are in demand as teachers, medical professionals, accountants, law
enforcement officers, ministry leaders, and more.

A Bible Minor

As part of every undergraduate degree, students earn a Bible minor, giving them a
solid foundation to live as Christ-followers in their careers and culture.

Generous Academic Scholarships

Corban values the hard work students have already invested into their education.
New freshmen and transfer students will receive academic scholarships worth
$9,000 or more per year, based on high school and college GPAs. Many additional
scholarships can also be stacked on top of this award, such as our Homeschool
Award or our Venture Church Scholarship.


"I literally could walk around and have a conversation about Christ with almost anyone on
campus, and that is such a special opportunity. Just being completely surrounded by people who
are likeminded and love Christ sets up such an awesome space to learn."


"I can go and visit with each of my professors, and they know me by name. Many of them have
mentored me throughout different stages of my walk through college. I am forever grateful for
them, and I will always remember the lessons and the wisdom they’ve brought to my life."