2023 Team Policy Resolution Amended

Based on thoughtful feedback from around the league, our Team Policy Debate Resolution Committee and our National Leadership Team have decided to clarify the boundaries of the 2023 Team Policy debate resolution.

What is the clarification?

  • Wording of the winning resolution: The United States Federal Government should significantly reform its import and/or export policy.
  • Amended wording: The United States Federal  Government should significantly reform its import and/or export policy within the bounds of international trade.

Why the clarification?

Our goal is to protect the integrity of the Team Policy debate educational experience. 

The amended wording honors the stated intent of the winning resolution presented in the whitepaper that was published last April as a guide to the topic. The 2023 resolution is broad, and some credible definitions of imports and exports would broaden it even further. Failing to clarify the resolution could open the door to cases well beyond the bounds of international trade. 

Ensuring that the resolution remains within its intended bounds connects to our mission. The goal of NCFCA debate has always been to provide an educational experience that deepens understanding of important topics, and we value civil and comprehensible argumentation. When a topic is too broad, it becomes unmanageable for competitors to thoughtfully research and study. Additionally, it increases latitude for the unsportsmanlike tactic of presenting nominally topical cases that either surprise opponents or force teams to “spread” their research coverage rather than build depth of knowledge about the core issues of a resolution. The tactic of “spreading” prioritizes winning over learning and undermines the overall quality of academic debate. 

Our intent is not to change the resolution but rather to keep it from broadening far beyond the scope of what was presented in the communication prior to resolution voting. 

Questions or concerns?

Please contact the Debate Committee at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

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